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How You're Saving the Environment By Equipping Your Personal Vehicle With The Invention's Components 

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By using this simple Patented invention, you will be reducing the volumes of Carbon Dioxide that are released into the atmosphere from your vehicle.  

By “Taking Action Now", you are doing something positive by reducing your vehicle’s negative contributions to climate change.  


Below are links to articles relating to Climate Change and how it is affecting humanity around the world.  


The enclosed articles allow the reader to recognize the relationships between the releasing Carbon Dioxide and its greenhouse warming of  our Planet Earth.  

The events described in the articles share common principles of Thermodynamics.

The first principle is called the "Conservation of Energy".

This principle of  "Conservation of Energy" observes that Energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Energy is only transferred from one state to another. 


Energy flows only in one direction from a thing possessing a higher energy level to a thing with a lower energy level. 


For billions of years,  the energy from the sun warms one half the Earth during the day. 

But at night, the other half of our Earth becomes cooler because it is transferring its energy to the Oceans, Land and Atmosphere.   


"Nature abhors an imbalance", so the higher energy air molecues and water

moleules flow towards the cooler areas in order to restore nature's balance.  

New discoveries and observations reporting on the side effects caused by increased concentrations of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere are recorded in the articles.  


​You are invited to read the articles and conduct your own research on the stories reported in the articles.   


After doing your research, please draw your own independent conclusions as to the urgency and
he immediate need to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions from all sources.   


Fortunately, by equipping your personal vehicle with the components of the Patented invention,
you along with millions of others, we can start reducing significant volumes of Carbon Dioxide from our personal vehicles. 

The Hard Facts Are: 

​1) Earth’s human populations are rapidly expanding.  

      On November 15, 2022, the World's population reached 8 Billion humans which is a big
    increase of
one Billion people since 2011

    The problem is that the worlds' population is growing exponentially. 


More people are demanding more vehicles and more electricity.

More people means more garbage is being burned to generate electricity in incineratores. 

Carbon Dioxide-absorbing, and Oxygen releasing forests are being cut down to produce grazing lands for cattle, mining and roads.


Activities taken to satisfy these demands release copious volumes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. 
     (i) Vehicles are estimated to be releasing
30 percent of the Carbon Dioxide  
         into the Earth’s atmosphere. 

    (ii) Generating electricity is estimated to be releasing 50 percent of the  
         Carbon Dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere. 


The disturbing reality is that for humans to continue living the lives that we enjoy, we must use our creative minds to find and apply ways for effectively reducing Carbon Dioxide releases from all sources.  

​The following articles report on the need for each one of  us to start “Taking Action Now”! 


2) NASA’s satellites observed that the Earth’s rotational “Wobble” (precession) is increasing as it orbits around the sun. 











     NASA estimates that 7,500 gigatons of Greenland's ice have melted into the ocean in
     the 20th century. 

     The transfer of weight from Greenland to redistributed across the globe has caused Earth
wobble more than it would have otherwise. 

    The last factor, accounting for a third of Earth's wobble is mantle convection.  

    This is an ongoing process in Earth's interior where molten rock is heated, rises in the
     mantle, cools off and falls back closer to Earth's core.  

     Convection within the mantle is the driving mechanism of plate tectonics, earthquakes,
    volcanoes, mountain ranges, and deep sea trenches." 

The dominant cause of the Earth’s rotational “Wobble” is weight of fresh water that has

melted from glaciers.  

This huge crack in Kenya could split Africa in two  - February 27, 2023


Thie Great Rift Valley is a low-lying region where tectonic plates split or move away from each other, ;according to ;National Geographic.

3) The Shift in Earth’s Centre of Gravity is introducing different stresses on Continental Plates in different locations.   

These shifts are not only inducing geological instabilities, and seismic activity within the

Earth's crust, but new research is showing changes at the Earth's core. 

​Via Earth’s rotational centrifugal force, the glacial fresh water has travelled towards the

equator thus altering Earth’s center of mass and its gravity. 

​The melting of heavy glaciers has lightened the weight pressing down at the poles, and the

increased weight of the melted glacial water is now pressing downwards at the equator. 

​The combination of ice-weight lost at the poles, and increased water-weight at the equator is destabilizing continental tectonic plates. 

​Seismic activity is increasing throughout the world and causing more powerful earthquakes, land slides, tsunamis, and volcanic activity.  


4.0) Each time the earth WOBBLES, the MOON becomes slightly closer to the earth.  

The moon's gravity controls the tides.  

Under extreme weather event conditions tides will be higher in certain places.  

One problem for humans with the Earth getting  slightly closer to the Moon is that twenty percent
of the world's 460 nuclear reactors are located near to Oceans. 




















Japan's Fukushima nuclear reactor spread radiation through out the country, because tsunami

waves overwhelmed its electricity generators needed to pump water to cool its nuclear reactors.  


Without water cooling, the radioactive cores heated to such temperatures that a series of
hydrogen explosions followed distributing radioactive particles and gasses great distances. 


     Fukushima nuclear disaster-Japanese youth sue overcancer

       diagnoses        January 27, 2022 

    "Six young Japanese people are suing the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant after

     developing thyroid cancer in the years following the 2011 nuclear disaster. 

    The plaintiffs, aged between six and 16 at the time of the disaster, say they got cancer

    from radiation exposure. 

   All of them underwent surgery to remove parts or all of their thyroid glands, their lawyer said. 

   The 9.0-magnitude quake was so forceful it shifted the Earth off its axis.  
   It triggered a tsunami which swept over the main island of Honshu, killing more than

   18,000 people and wiping entire towns off the map".  

  At the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the gigantic wave surged over defences and
flooded the reactors, sparking a major disaster 

 4.1) New research is showing magnetic changes in the
        Earth's core.  

       Earth's inner core is slowing down — and the length of
       a day
may change as a result  

                                                                                                         January 24, 2023 



​  Ever since the 1990s, geophysicists have known that Earth's inner core— a ball of iron with a
radius of 746 miles spins in the center of our planet at a different pace than the rest of the globe. 


​  Now, a recent study published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience reveals a curious

  new detail about the Earth's inner core. 


​ The inner core apparently started rotating in rough synchrony with the rest of Earth around 2009

 and, as of now, it actually rotates at a slower pace than the rest of the planet. 


 Since the inner core is 3,000 miles below the Earth's surface, the University scientists analyzed   seismic waves that had occurred on Earth at various points in history and which, importantly, had   been detected and measured by sensors on the other side of the planet when they occurred.​ 


 By comparing the lengths of the seismic waves from when they traversed these same routes at   different points in time, researchers were able to deduce the speed of the inner core's rotation

 during those relevant periods. 


4.2) The South Atlantic Anomaly is one new phenomenon being studied.   

This is because the North and South magnetic poles within the area are swapping places with each other.   

The problem is that during the exchange of polarity, the earth's protective magnetic lines of force

that extend into space around the Earth are being weakened.  

Earth’s magnetic field acts like a protective shield around the planet, repelling and trapping charged particles from the Sun. 


Earth's magnetic field shields Earth from powerful ionizing Solar flares, Gama Rays,, X-Rays and other cosmic particles.   

This magnetic shield is weakened above the area.   

Satellites passing above the South Atlantic Anomaly are experiencing damage to their delicate computer chips and electrical circuits. 

Passengers and crew within commercial aircraft are being exposed to higher levels of X-Rays as
they fly through the area. The problem is that more magnetic anomalies are being discovered and some seem to be coalescing (joining) with each other. 

It is speculated that the Gama and X-Rays may be damaging marine algae and plankton need to generate Oxygen and foods for fish and wildlife. 

4.4) Migrating birds, insects’ animals and fish depend on the Earth's stable magnetic lines of

force to navigate to feeding and breading areas.  

Without Earth's stable magnetic lines of force, species are getting lost and dying. 


5.0) Atmospheric Rivers: 

An Atmospheric River is a relatively recently publicized phenomenon.  


It is a RIVER IN THE SKY. that can be 700 km (434 miles) wide and 4,300 km (2671 miles) long and 3 kilometers  (2 miles) deep.  


Atmospheric Rivers carry about 90 per cent of the water vapour that’s transported toward the

North and South poles. 


Computer models indicate the typical Atmospheric River will become about 25 per cent wider

and 25 per cent longer as oceans become warmer.  

Atmospheric rivers are the largest "rivers" of fresh water on Earth, transporting on average more than double the flow of the Amazon River. 


      A RIVER IN THE SKY  -    
      Why atmospheric rivers are a growing concern  

        California experienced catastrophic rainfall, flooding and landslides in January 2023
        caused by several Atmospheric Rivers following each other. 


A problem will be created when southern Atmospheric Rivers flow into the norther Arctic.

The resultant warmer rain water will accelerate the melting of the permafrost and release mega tonnes of methane into the atmosphere.   


Methane is more than 80 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

  Methane has more than 80 times the warming power of
  carbon dioxide over the first 20 years


    Cutting methane emissions is the fastest opportunity we have to immediately slow the
    rate of global warming, even as we decarbonize our energy systems.

    Methane has more than 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over the first
    20 years
after it reaches the atmosphere.


   Even though CO2 has a longer-lasting effect, methane sets the pace for warming in the
   near term.

   At least 25% of today’s global warming is driven by methane from human actions.

The primary cause of Global Warming is Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are trapping Earth’s heat within its atmosphere the weight from which pressed down on earth at a sea level of 15 Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI). 


6.0)  Earth’s Supply of Oxygen (O2) from Oceans and Forests Is Diminishing 


6.1 ) The Ocean Is Running Out of Breath, Scientists Warn 

Widespread and sometimes drastic marine oxygen declines are stressing sensitive

species—a trend that will continue with climate change  ​February 25, 2019,  


6.1) Oceans cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. 

​Oceans are salty. 

​Algae living in saltwater oceans produce an estimated 20 percent of the Earth’s Oxygen. 

​Over billions of years, Algae have evolved to live only in salt water, not fresh water. 

​Global warming has caused freshwater to melt from the glaciers and the freshwater has

floated from the poles to the equator where the sun shines for most of the year.   

Earth’s North and South hemispheres experience seasonal shortages of daylight. 

​Fresh water floats on top of denser salt water.   

​Freshwater is less dense than Salt water.  Salt molecules makes saltwater heavier (i.e., denser)

than water without salt dissolved in it. 

​Algae need sunlight to photosynthesize. 

​Photosynthesis is the process by which green algae absorb Carbon Dioxide and with the energy of the sunlight, convert the Carbon Dioxide into sugars while releasing Oxygen. 

To photosynthesize, 

​Over billions of years, Algae have evolved to swim to the surface of the ocean to gain access to the sunlight. 

​Saltwater algae are dying in large numbers because they cannot live in fresh water, i.e., diluted or desalinated ocean water. 

​Australia’s Great Barrier Coral Reefs are dying because Coral are organisms that evolved to live in saltwater. 

Freshwater floating past Australia in ocean currents to and from the equator is killing the Corals. 

7.0) Amazon Forests are estimated to produce 20 percent of the Earth’s Oxygen. 

​As of 2020, Brazil’s pro-industry government has allowed over 70.000 fires to be set to clear

trees for beef cattle to graze and give access to logging and mining industries. 


8.0) Glaciers are Melting Faster and releasing more fresh water that migrates to the equator. 



Wildfire soot darkening glaciers could speed up melt rate, scientists fear. Soot and smoke

contribute to melting of glaciers, |as darkening ice absorbs more sunlight

                                    January 06, 2019    CBC News · Posted: Jan 06, 2019
















Researchers are concerned over what they are calling the darkening of the ice on western

Canadian glaciers, which is caused by wildfires caused by lightening and human activities

in drought-stricken environments release huge volumes of carbon particles and gases.​ 

The black carbon particles are transported great distances by winds and global jet streams to

where they fall onto white glaciers. 


​The black carbon particles darken the ice causing them to absorb more heat from the sun’s rays causing the glaciers to melt faster.  

Gravity allows the melted water to flow through cracks in the glaciers to bed rock. The melted

water is warmer than the cold ice. This heat is melting glaciers from the bottom up.  


​The melted water acts as a lubricant allowing more ice to flow down slopes toward lower levels

and warmer oceans. 


9.0) Sea levels are rising.   
The earth’s Wobble is changing the Moon Earth distances.  The moon’s orbit governs the ocean’s tides.  

​Storms occurring at the same time when the moon is slightly closer in its orbit to the earth’s orbit are causing historic “King Tides” and flooding. 


10.0)) Weather Is Caused By Temperature Differences: 

​Water retains heat. Earth’s warming Oceans are warming the air flowing over them. 


The warmer air is spawning more violent Extreme Weather Events. 


​Cyclones and Hurricanes are staying longer on ground causing greater damage. 


​Human Infrastructures are being repeatedly destroyed by Extreme Weather Events. 


​Crops are being decimated by increasing plagues of insects, droughts, wildfires, and flooding. 

11,0) The jet stream has started an unprecedented shift north, which could wreak havoc on

weather in the US and Europe  

         October 2, 2021 


The polar jet stream is a band of wind that separates cold Arctic air from warmer air to the south. 

A new study suggests that as the Earth warms, this band is moving north and out of position. 



11.0) New Study Shows the Gulf Stream Could Be Changing

How Climate Change Affects the Gulf Stream 

                                                                August 1, 2022, 

A new study shows a massive change is happening to the Atlantic Ocean circulation system that powers the Gulf Stream, an ocean current flowing off the North Carolina coast which is vital to weather systems and fisheries. 


​Researchers say the system is at its weakest in more than a millennium and that climate

breakdown is the cause.

At issue is what’s called the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation.

t’s one of the world’s largest ocean circulation systems and can best be imagined by picturing
giant whirlpool stretching across the entire Atlantic Ocean.  

A global conveyor belt of ocean water.​ 

Warm, salty water flows northward along the East Coast of the U.S., carrying heat from the tropics. The Gulf Stream, which is what the current is called in this area, flows about 20 miles off the North Carolina coast.  


​But as the current reaches the North Atlantic, around Greenland it cools, and the cool, salty water becomes dense enough that it sinks deep beneath the surface. 


​The water then swings back southward and travels all the way to the Southern Hemisphere, submerged, where it makes its way to the Antarctic as part of a global system of ocean currents.  


Throughout the Atlantic Ocean, the circulation carries warm waters (red arrows) northward near the surface and cold deep waters (blue arrows) southward. 


Credit: NASA/JPL 


10.1) 2019 Was The 2nd-Hottest Year On Record, According To NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and NOAA  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) 

                   January 15, 2020                       



10.2) We have to learn to live with fire:   
How wildfires are changing Canadian summer.  

2.5 million hectares of land is charred every year, an expert predicts that will double. ​ 

                              CBC Radio May 20, 2019,  


10.3) Canada warming up twice as fast as rest of the world, and it’s ‘irreversible’: report                                                                                            

                             April 1, 2019  



Canada warming faster than the rest of the world, says Environment Canada 


10.4) It was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean this weekend as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in human history   

May 14, 2019  ​  

10.5)  NASA predicts moon wobble and climate change will lead to more floods, more often 


The slightest change in the moon's orbit could see big problems for coastal regions.


   July 15, 2021























A brilliant full moon rises at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2017.


The moon is wobbling. There's really no other way to say it.

A slight alteration to the moon's orbit -- a wobble, if you will -- has raised both eyebrows and questions about what effect such a slight jiggle may have here on Earth. It's funny to say, sure, but the potential ramifications of a moon wobble have scientists concerned for the future.

In a study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change in June, scientists suggest that by the 2030s, the wobble will have enough of an effect on the moon's gravitational pull to impact

rising sea levels, seeing coastal cities all around the US cop a drastic increase in flooding.


Climate change is already causing global sea levels to rise in two ways: warming waters cause the

volume of the ocean to expand and increased glacier and ice sheet melt.

11.0)  Cyclone Freddy The rare “zombie” storm that is baffling meteorologists

Experts thought its power would dwindle, Cyclone Freddy continues to come back from the dead.

32nd day is the longest-lasting tropical cyclone on record,

Freddy formed over a month ago on February 5, 2023 near Indonesia and barrelled a huge 4,000 miles before hitting Madagascar, according to Australian satellites monitoring its movements.

                                March 9, 2023

12.0) The Global perspectives described in the provided articles and studies, explain the reasons
why the inventor is donating his valuable Air Pressure Equalizing System to the millions of people
ho want to reduce Carbon Dioxide from their personal vehicles for

The inventor reasons that with growing populations, if something is done NOW to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions, the future will make financial wealth valueless. 


For political and financial reasons, Governments and Corporations cannot move fast enough to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions in time to prevent natural catastrophes.

To forestall predicted disasters, this leaves only, we the people to use our creative imaginations

to do things that will reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions


The value of the invention is that it offers the theoretical potential to reduce Carbon Dioxide

emissions from millions of personal vehicles in the shortest period of time. 


Mitigating Carbon Dioxide emissions from millions of vehicles, might give us some time while emerging technologies become available that reduce Carbon Dioxide on industrial scales.​ 

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 

Releases Code Red Global Climate Report          August 10, 2021



“ The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — the United Nations (UN) body that assesses the science of climate change — has released its sixth report on the state of the world’s climate.


The comprehensive report is the result of 234 authors from 66 countries reviewing more than 14,000 peer-reviewed research articles on climate change.


The report warns that global surface temperature will continue to increase until at least 2050 — and many of the changes due to past and future greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are irreversible for centuries to millennia — especially changes in the ocean, ice sheets, and global sea level.


… “world is struggling to keep the global temperature increase below the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement on climate change.


     Some of the key points of the report include:

  • Human actions have warmed the climate system.

  • With further global warming, every region is projected to experience changes, with extremes, such as heavy precipitation, becoming greater in frequency and intensity.

  • Unless there are deep reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) and other GHG emissions in the coming decades, 1.5°C and 2°C will be exceeded during the 21st century;…”




If you would like to help to finance the research to scale up the invention's components to

reduce air resistance, fuel costs and Carbon Dioxide emissions from large trucks, buses, trains, freight containers and ships, that move through air please 
go to the
Donation page

Even though you may not equip your vehicle with the invention's components, nor 

financially contribute to the inventor's research to scale up the components for use by larger vehicles you still can donate your initiative to raise awareness through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. participations about the Planet Earth's geological reactions to Global warming, and the urgent need to reduce Carbon Dioxide from all possible sources.

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