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If you believe that Governments and Corporations are NOT going to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions in time, and it is up to individuals to "Take Action", please help us to pay for research that will enable the development of technologies designed to reduce CO2 emissions from cars, trucks, freight containers, trains and ships moving through air.
Thank you.

Please enter your donation information here.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

In place of donaring money, perhaps you would donate your creativity and energy to
reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions from vehicles,  by posting comments on TikTok,
Facebook, Instagram, etc., about the Earth's "Wobble," and changing center of gravity
and other observations resulting from the increasing concentrations of Carbon Dioxide
that are warming our planet Earth.  

Hopefully, your posts will help voters to elect informed representatives that result
in the strategic enforcement of enlightened strategies to reduce Carbon Dioxide
emissions from all sources. 

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