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     Electric Vehicles May Shorten Your Life !


Units of magnetic field strength, measured using a gaussmeter: mG means “milligauss” and uT means “microtesla.”

There is scientific evidence of adverse health effects due to AC magnetic fields.

 Researchers have found health effects, including a doubling of leukemia rates associated with
living in AC magnetic field strengths greater than 4.0 mG  [4mG = 0.4uT]  






Electric vehicles may shorten your life and accelerate Global Warming in FOUR different ways.  
Electro-BIOCHEMICA-medical reactions to Electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation exposures,

     (2,0) PHYSICAL 

     (3.0) The MEGA TONNES of Carbon Dioxide releases from mining and manufacturing the
              materials to make Electric Vehicles, the upgrading of Electricity delivery infrastructures, PLUS

     (4.0) the electricity generating incinerators that burn garbage, oil, and gas to produce electricity to
             Charge Batteries.  

             Electrical generating incinerators that burn Municipal wastes release up to seventy percent of

             the garbage they process into the atmosphere in the forms of ultra-fine heavy metal particles,

             Dioxins, and Carbon Dioxide. 

            Nano sized, Ultra-fine particles can pass through the blood brain barrier, and blood fetus barrier.

           Dioxins are recognized as the most potent cancer-causing molecule know to medical

           Toxic plumes from electrical generating facilities that burn Municipal wastes have been tracked
           by NASA satellites to travel 2414 kilometers (1,500) miles from their source incinerator carried
           by winds. 

          The Dioxins eventually fall on farmlands where the Dioxins become absorbed by plants that are
          fed to poultry, and cattle.  Europe has slaughtered millions of chickens and pigs after they were
          fed Dioxin contaminated feeds. Tonnes of dairy products were destroyed because they contained
           traces of Dioxins.

          How Toxic Are Dioxins?

          The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in 2012 that the safe limit for human
           oral consumption of
DIOXINS is 17 billionths of a gram for a 68 kilograms
           (150-pound) person per year! 

                         Source: “Incineration” Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

           Health Canada and the World Health Organization state: “There are no safe limits for
           exposures to dioxins.”  

           Scientific animal tests indicate that one gram of dioxins contains the potential to induce
       cancer in 
10,000 people!

1.0) Let’s Look At The Electro-Biochemical Processes That Explain
Why Electric Vehicles May Shorten Your Life.

You are reading this information because electrons are being stimulated in your eyes to transmit the information to your neurons and brain cells. 

Humans are electrically operating organisms.  

Just as compass needles can be influenced by a nearby magnets, human functions can be
influenced by external sources of electromagnetic frequencies.

The quantity, energy and frequency of your electrons can be increased or decreased by externally generated electromagnetic frequency radiations that penetrate your body. 

Scientists have long been aware of the mechanics of epigenetics in the body, in which
environmental and other factors affect cells, in a sort of non-genetic “mutation.” 

As cells divide, they “activate” only the genes that are necessary for their own use, even if
they carry the entire gene sequence of a person. 

But sometimes, proper differentiation of the cells into different types with different functions
fails, possibly because of improper molecular “labeling” in a cell. 

And following this line of research, a team led scientists have discovered a link between cancer and epigenetic changes.  

Epigenetic changes is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene
expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself:

Electric and magnetic fields:

Electromagnetic radiation is made of 2 parts: the electric field
and the magnetic field.

Electric fields are the forces acting on charged particles (parts of atoms), like electrons or protons,
which cause them to move.

Electric current is simply the flow of electrons produced by an electric field. 
A magnetic field is created when
charged particles are in motion.

With most types of radiation, the electric and magnetic fields are coupled. 

Because they act as one, they are considered together as an electromagnetic field (EMF). 


But with Electromagnetic ELF radiation, the magnetic field and the electric field can exist and act independently, so they are often studied separately.

1.0.1) Credible, peer reviewed studies conclude that exposures to electromagnetic frequency (EMF)
non-ionizing radiation increases the risks of developing leukemia and other health disorders.
Later, you will be provided with links to these studies.

Leukemia and other health disorders. develop as a result of electromagnetic frequency (EMF)
emissions radiating from external sources that change the internal biochemical functions of
living cells at the atomic and sub-atomic (quantum-electron spin) levels.

This explains why occupants of electric vehicles who are bathed in electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emissions, risk developing leukemia and other health disorders. 

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the World Health Organization
(WHO) released a statement adding Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (including
microwave and millimeter waves) to their list of things which are possibly carcinogenic to humans.


[1.1] You Are Invited To Conduct Your Own Research to form you own conclusions:
The following materials provide a starting point for you to conduct your own independent research
on the predicted health effects resulting from exposures to non-ionizing radiations that engulf
occupants of electric vehicles.  

1.2) There are two forms of radiation that are relevant to this discussion. 
Non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation.  

Forthe purposes of understanding your risks, the most important to humans of the two forms is Non-Ionizing Radiation because consumer electrical products emit non-ionizing radiations.  


Non-ionizing radiation - Wikipedia                 
Non-ionizing (or non-ionizing) radiation refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that does
not carry enough energy per quantum (photon energy) to ionize atoms or molecules—that is, to
completely remove an electron from an atom or molecule.[1] 

Instead of producing charged ions when passing through matter, non-ionizing electromagnetic
radiation has sufficient energy only for excitation (the movement of an electron to a higher energy

The region at which radiation is considered "ionizing" is not well defined, since different molecules and atoms ionize at different energies. 

The usual definitions have suggested that radiation with particle or photon energies less than 10
electron volts (eV) be considered non-ionizing. 

Another suggested threshold is 33 electronvolts, which is the energy needed to ionize water

The light from the Sun that reaches the earth is largely composed of non-ionizing radiation, since the ionizing far-ultraviolet rays have been filtered out by the gases in the atmosphere, particularly oxygen. 

The remaining ultraviolet radiation from the Sun causes molecular damage (for example, sunburn) by photochemical and free-radical-producing means.[citation needed]

Mechanisms of interaction with matter, including living tissue:
Near ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave, radio waves, and low-frequency radio frequency (longwave) are all examples of non-ionizing radiation. 

The occurrence of ionization depends on the energy of the individual particles or waves, and not
on their number. 

An intense flood of particles or waves will not cause ionization if these particles or waves do not carry enough energy to be ionizing, unless they raise the temperature of a body to a point high enough
to ionize small fractions of atoms or molecules by the process of thermal-ionization. 

In such cases, even "non-ionizing radiation" is capable of causing thermal-ionization if it deposits
enough heat to raise temperatures to ionization energies. These reactions occur at far higher energies than with ionizing radiation, which requires only a single particle to ionize. 

The energy of particles of non-ionizing radiation is low, and instead of producing charged ions when passing through matter, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation has only sufficient energy to
change the rotational, vibrational or electronic valence configurations of molecules and atoms. 

This produces thermal effects. The possible non-thermal effects of non-ionizing forms of radiation on living tissue have only recently been studied. 

Much of the current debate is about relatively low levels of exposure to radio frequency (RF)
radiation from mobile phones and base stations producing "non-thermal" effects. 

Some experiments have suggested that there may be biological effects at non-thermal exposure levels, ….

Health risks:
Different biological effects are observed for different types of non-ionizing radiation.[4][6][5]
The upper frequencies of non-ionizing radiation near these energies (much of the spectrum of
UV light and some visible light) are capable of non-thermal biological damage, similar to ionizing radiation. 

The damage done by upper frequencies is an accepted fact. 

The only remaining area of debate centers on whether the non-thermal effects of radiation of
much lower frequencies (microwave, millimeter, and radio wave radiation) entails health risks.
Upper frequencies:

Exposure to non-ionizing ultraviolet light is a risk factor for developing skin cancer (especially non-melanoma skin cancers), sunburn, premature aging of skin, and other effects. 

Despite the possible hazards it is beneficial to humans in the right dosage, since Vitamin D is
produced due to the biochemical effects of ultraviolet light. Vitamin
D plays many roles in the body
with the most well-known being in bone mineralization.
Lower frequencies[edit]

Non-ionizing radiation hazard emblem for electrical product labels









In addition to the well-known effect of non-ionizing ultraviolet light causing skin cancer,

non-ionizing radiation can produce non-mutagenic effects such as inciting thermal energy in

biological tissue that can lead to burns.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) from the
World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement adding RF electromagnetic fields (including microwave and millimeter waves) to their list of things which are possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Types of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to

as short as one millimeter, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. 

This broad definition includes both UHF and EHF (millimeter waves), and various sources use
different boundaries.[5] In all cases, microwave includes the entire SHF band (3 to 30 GHz, or
10 to 1 cm) at minimum, with RF engineering often putting the lower boundary at 1 GHz (30 cm),
and the upper

around 100 GHz (3mm). Applications include cellphone (mobile) telephones, radars, airport scanners, microwave ovens, earth remote sensing satellites, and radio and satellite communications.

Radio waves
Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic
spectrum longer than infrared light. 

Like all other electromagnetic waves, they travel at the speed of light. 

Naturally occurring radio waves are made by lightning, or by astronomical objects. Artificially
generated radio waves are used for fixed and mobile radio communication, broadcasting, radar
and other navigation systems, satellite communication, computer networks and innumerable other applications. 

Different frequencies of radio waves have different propagation characteristics in the
Earth's atmosphere; long waves may cover a part of the Earth very consistently, shorter waves
can reflect off the ionosphere and travel around the world, and much shorter wavelengths
bend or reflect very little and travel on a line of sight.

Ionizing radiation - Wikipedia
Ionizing radiation (or ionising radiation), including nuclear radiation, consists of subatomic
particles or electromagnetic waves that have sufficient energy to
ionize atoms or molecules
detaching electrons from them. Some particles can travel up to 99% of the speed of light, and the

Canadian Government’s – Health Canada’s Web Site 

Everyday things that emit radiation
Learn about common products and devices that give off radiation.

        Power lines and electrical products
        Power lines, electrical appliances, electric and magnetic fields, extremely low frequency, health
           effects from power lines
                 Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi equipment, radiofrequency EMF, health effects of Wi-Fi
                 5G technology, cell phones, cell phone towers and antennas

          Cell phones,
                 cell phone towers,
 5G technology, antennas, wireless device,
          health effects, health concerns
          Hand-held lasers and laser pointers
          Lasers, laser pointers, laser classifications, laser injuries, importing and selling lasers, lasers
                       and airplanes.
          Tanning beds and lamps
          Tanning bed, base tan, artificial tanning, dangers of tanning beds, skin cancer,
                        ultraviolet (UV) radiation, myths about tanning beds  
          Smart meters
               Smart meters, wireless device, health effects of smart meters, radiofrequency EMF,
                          smart meter emissions
          Compact fluorescent lamps
          Compact fluorescent lamps, CFL, energy efficient bulbs, radiation, mercury, clean up a broken
          bulb safely    

          Microwave ovens
          Microwaves, microwave safety, radiation, microwave leakage, microwaves and pacemakers,
          food safety
          Airport full-body scanners
          Safety of airport scanners, radiation, radiofrequency, airport scanners in Canada
          Aircraft noise, living near airports, health effects from aircraft noise, noise and stress
          Media players
                    Media players, mp3 players, headphones, stereo, radio, hearing loss from music,
                    ear buds, headphones and noise
          Wind turbines
                    Wind energy, turbines, turbine noise, living near turbines, safety of turbines, wind
                    turbine noise study and health study


As a precautionary step to protect their citizens, governments of European Union (E.U.) countries,
Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China are attaching labels to electrical devices to warn
the public that the emissions from the electrical device

To protect your family, you might consider contacting your politically elected representative to
encourage your government to adopt the same precautions as those taken by E.U. and other
countries to protect their citizens.  

These ENLIGHTENED governments have passed legislation compelling corporations to display
labels on Electric Vehicles stating,

We cannot remain silent to the health risks posed to people from their being exposed to non-ionizing electromagnetic frequency emissions from electrical vehicles and devices.  

The problem is that environmentally well-intentioned, but scientifically uniformed people are buying electric vehicles in the mistaken belief that electric vehicles pose no health threats to them and
they are taking steps to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions from their vehicles.

What these well intentioned people fail to realize that the vast quantities of Carbon Dioxide emissions
are being released from out-of-their sight sources. 

Studies also prove that the wide use of Electric Vehicles will increase Carbon Dioxide emissions when
the Carbon Dioxide releases from mining and trucking of lithium, cadmium. copper to refineries is calculated.  

In addition, greater volumes of Carbon Dioxide emissions will be released from upgrading the existing,
and over-burdened electrical grid to accommodate the extra loads being placed on by charging
electric vehicles is calculated, 


In addition, fossil fuel and municipal garbage is burned to generate the electricity to charge
their batteries.

Studies indicate that governments’, and corporations’ strategies to popularize the adoption of electric vehicles is self-serving and financially profitable for corporations. 

The CBC’s reporting on Cell Phones causing cancer was broadcast on CBC’s TV’ s programme called “Market Place” on January 23, 2009  
Can cellphones cause brain tumours? 
                                                                CBC Marketplace January 23, 2009,  

      Generation Cellphone
         Wendy Mesley reveals new evidence about possible health risks facing the newest generation
         of cellphone users: children. 
Can cellphone use cause brain tumours? 
         It’s a question that everyone has wondered about, yet there still isn’t a clear answer. 
         In the meantime, the cellphone has become an essential device. In Europe there are more
         cellphones than people, and in Canada, about 72% of the population actively uses a cellphone. 
Kids are part of those numbers as well. And they've got to have the latest cellphones – some
         are made specifically for them, with optional designs for download like Disney characters
         and Hannah Montana. 


Internet corporations are wealthy and, in many cases, own news organizations.  
They control what stories are communicated to the public by their journalists.  
It is not in their corporate financial interest to inform consumers that their products
may cause cancer.  



Internal Combustion Engines: 
A typical internal combustion engine has around 200 parts that need to be maintained and possibly replaced if they wear out.

Electric Vehicles: 
An electric vehicle takes that number down to around
20 parts. These figures don’t factor in the transmission, a complex and expensive system that most electric vehicles skip altogether.

Compared to manufacturing internal combustion vehicles, Electric vehicle makers save money by purchasing fewer lower parts and paying far fewer workers,

This means corporations earn greater profits for their Directors and shareholders.  

With the cooperation of Governments, Corporations are falsely advertising that Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, and that electric vehicles are safe. 

The overwhelming evidence proves that both statements are Medically and Environmentally

As a result, at least in North American, little investigation reporting has been taken to inform
people that occupants of electric vehicles may cause leukemia and other heath disorders.  

Consequently, the public remains largely unaware of their health risks when in the physical
presence of these health-altering EMF emitting devices. 

The electric bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879.

Electrical consumer products have been evolving on earth for only
150 years! 

Humas have been inhabiting Earth for 6 million years.

This means that we really do not know what the long-term genetical effects will be on the 8 billion humans living on Earth today from their daily exposures to non-ionizing radiations from electrical products. 

In addition to developing tumors over the long term, in the short term many people experiencing symptoms of depression, feelings of anger and violence.  


Studies indicate that the average American spends 5 hours and 24 minutes on their mobile
device each day! 

These people are spending hours per day on their cell phones and near to internet service Routers.
These people are being treated with costly pharmaceuticals and counselling when it could be the
EMFs in their environment that is altering the chemistry in their brains. 

As a precautionary step, EU countries have removed WIFI routers and banned cell phones from school classrooms.  Students still have access to the internet by using HDMI cables running from their WIFI Routers to their computers in a Local Area Network (LAN) system. 

To reduce the inventor’s personal exposures to non-ionizing radiations, he disabled the WIFI option
on his Internet Service Provider’s 5G router.  

The internet is accessed the inventor’s home’s LAN (Local Area Network) using HDMI cables
running from the 5G Router to each of the inventor’s PCs.  

In addition, the inventor avoids using a cell phone as much as possible.

4) To illustrate how pervasive, penetrating and omnipresence DNA-altering Electromagnetic
Frequencies (EMFs) are, the inventor took EMF radiation meter readings in neighborhoods
surrounding commercial and residential apartment buildings with Cell Tower Antennae arrays
assembled on their roofs.

Residential apartment building located on Bayview Avenue at Davisville Avenue in central Toronto.
The EMF radiation findings are worryingly high especially to families living in the apartments
under the antennas, but also within a three-block radius of those Cell phone antennae.

Humans, pets, and wildlife are constantly being exposed to non-ionizing radiation from their
own in-house consumer product emitters, but also from other electrical device emitters within their neighborhoods.

5) To illustrate the penetrating power of EMS radiations, the following please access this brief video. 


The video was made while the inventor and his wife I drove towards, under and away from
High Tension Hydro Wires mounted on hydro towers in a shopping mall. 

The Alternating Current  (A/C) Circuit Tester meter detected the presence of powerful EMFs that were penetrating the vehicle’s a steel and glass body that was raised off the pavement, i.e., not grounded,
while riding on electricity-insulating four rubber tires. 

The effects in the video can be reproduced by driving to Loblaws Parking Lot, on Redway Rd., Leaside, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

6) The following is a URL link to a short Video demonstrating how Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF)  
Non-Ionizing Radiation emissions from a remote Open-Lock automobile’s Fob Key that shows how
radio waves penetrate the human skull when held against the head that is placed between a far-away parked car and the transmitting Fob Key’s internal micro transmitter.


The (EMF) energy to trigger the opening of the vehicle’s doors, light the lights and the beep signal was produced from one small Lithium 3-Volt Disk Battery

The Video taken on March 22, 2021, in Loblaw’s parking lot located at Redway Drive Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Numerous European and North American studies have documented physical, emotional, and mental health risks attributed to people ongoing exposures to EMFs.  

Your attention is drawn to the attached Globe and Mail article involving Hydro Quebec workers
and New York City Electric Train Drivers was an increased occurrence of Leukemia.

  McGill University study detects cancer risk
        Hydro-Québec workers exposed to type of electrormagnetic field appear vulnerable                                                                              The Globe and Mail, Saturday, December 17, 1994

 “Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer in Railway Workers” 

   American Journal of Epidemiology    


    We believe that studies of railway personnel permit epidemiologists to get close to Dr. Savitz's ideal:            Railway engine drivers have stable and predictable exposures to extremely
   low frequency
   EMFs (≤100 Hz),
carcinogens are largely absent, and sufficient person-years are
  available for study

   We think that studies of 162⅔-Hz exposure are relevant, because there is solid evidence
   that exposure to extremely low frequency EMFs causes resonance phenomena in cells,
   affecting calcium ion concentrations 

   Resonance may initiate a biologic pathway even with low energies. In addition, large populations
   are exposed to 50-Hz (namely, triple 162⅔-Hz) extremely low frequency EMFs from household
Resonance effects observed at 162⅔

Hz mean that resonance will occur with exposures at or near low multiples (60 Hz) of this frequency

as well. This conclusion is strengthened by the elevated leukemia risks found at the 162⅔ Hz level

as well as at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

A large Danish study noted that in expectant mothers who text

others during pregnancy gave birth to children with autism, learning and behaviour problems above those in the study’s control group.  

 Cell Phones, Autism and ADHD-like behaviors in large study of mobile phone use in pregnant women. 
A group of researchers in California recently conducted a large study of mobile phone use in pregnant women. 

It was speculated that the mothers were texting while sitting down.  Therefore, the head of the fetus is upside down in the womb with the fetuses’ head closest to the cell phone in the mother’s lap. 

Maternal cell phone use during pregnancy and child behavioral problems in five birth cohorts 
- National Library of Medicine July 1, 2018

        Previous studies have reported associations between prenatal cell phone use and child behavioral
        problems, but findings have been inconsistent and based on retrospective assessment of cell phone
        use. This study aimed to assess this association in a multi-national analysis, using data from three
        cohorts with prospective data on prenatal cell phone use, together with previously published
        data from two cohorts with retrospectively collected cell phone use data.

          We used individual participant data from 83,884 mother-child pairs in the five cohorts from
          Denmark (1996–2002), Korea (2006–2011), the Netherlands (2003–2004), Norway (2004–2008),
          and Spain (2003–2008). 

          We categorized cell phone use into none, low, medium, and high, based on frequency of calls
          during pregnancy reported by the mothers. Child behavioral problems (reported by mothers
          using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire or Child Behavior Checklist) were classified
          in the borderline/clinical and clinical ranges using validated cut-offs in children aged 5–7
          years. Cohort specific risk estimates were meta-analyzed.

        Overall, 38.8% of mothers, mostly from the Danish cohort, reported no cell phone use during
        pregnancy and these mothers were less likely to have a child with overall behavioral, 
 hyperactivity/inattention or emotional problems. 

        Evidence for a trend of increasing risk of child behavioral problems through the maternal
        cell phone  use categories was observed for hyperactivity/inattention problems (OR for problems
         in the clinical range: 1.11, 95% CI 1.01, 1.22; 1.28, 95% CI 1.12, 1.48, among children of medium
         and high users, respectively). 
         This association was consistent across cohorts and between cohorts with retrospectively
         and prospectively collected cell phone use data.

         Maternal cell phone use during pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk for
, particularly hyperactivity/inattention problems, in the offspring. 

         The interpretation of these results is unclear as uncontrolled confounding may influence both
         maternal cell phone use and child behavioral problems.

More Information on the impacts on health from exposures to Electromagenteic Frequency Non-ionizing Radiation.

An excellent overview of the negative health effects induced by chronic exposures to Mobile and WiFi emissions was presented at the 

University of Melbourne Australia’s Dean’s lecture by
Dr. Devra Davis 



Another comprehensive examination on the health effects caused by on going exposures to electromagnetic radiation & 5G device emitting EMFs was presented by
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe   - Bath England      

Please access the U.S. Senate Appropriations Hearing that was convened to
review the thoroughness and accuracy of the science associated with the claims that use of
cell phones, BlackBerry, and iPhone cause cancer, especially in children.  

The scientific evidence was presented under Oath. pertaining to Mobile Phone Radiation’s impact
on U.S. Senate Appropriations H
earing on   Human Health        2009
     Health Risks of Cell Phone Use               Part 3


The objectivity of the Doctors from Israel and other counties presenting their testimony under oath is impressive. They commented that people in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and France have been
using Cell Phones for years longer than Americans and Canadians. 

A different study did MRIs on the control group and men who carried cell phones in their pant pockets
had a lower hip bone density than those men who did not carry phones in their pockets.

Cell Phones on Hip may Weaken Bone                                                                         
Study Suggests Link Between Bone Weakness and Wearing a Cell Phone on the Hip 

                 October 27, 2009



According to a Swedish neurological study, Sweden stood at the top of the EU countries in students’ literacy and mathematic skills. 

Dr. Lennart Hardell, a Swedish oncologist and professor, part of the WHO evaluation group for rf radiation and health

Dr. Lennart Hardell, a Swedish oncologist and professor, part of the WHO evaluation group for rf radiation and health, a world-renowned researcher in cancer epidemiology and rf (radiofrequency) radiation exposures, recently co-authored this letter to a USA school district, warning its administrators 
of the dire health 


Renowned Swedish Oncologist & WHO Researcher Warns ...
                   › public-health-alert › wifi-dangers

After WIFI and Cell phones were introduced into classrooms, Sweden’s students’ literacy, and mathematic skills plummeted and fell behind other E.U. students.  Teachers reported an increase in student’s negative behaviour and increasing violence on school premises. 

To the best of the inventor’s knowledge no independent studies have been conducted on the relationship between Canadian suicides, depression. criminal behaviour, and cell phone/WIFI use.

The human brain operates at about 5 Hz.

You are reading this letter because photons are stimulating electrons in your optic nerve and sending electron to the brain.

The human brain has 100 BILLON Neurons. Neurons are the cells we use to think.

To do the thinking, each neuron is connected to 15,000 other neurons. There is an estimated quadrillion connection in the human brain.

Electrons flow through the neurons to conduct the thinking, cell division, enzyme, hormone, production etc.

Just as a compass needle can be altered by a nearby external piece of iron, so can electrons be increased or decreased in strength by external sources of Electromagnetic frequency radiations.



                                Please move your mouse cursor to    22:14 / 54:02

Through electrons bonding with retinal molecules birds perceive the Earth’s magnetic lines of force to navigate thousands of miles they have never visited before in their transcontinental migrations.

Quantum Nature of Bird Migration   Scientific American, April 2022 - Page 28  

Most molecules have an even number of electrons arranged in pairs with opposed spins ( ➞➞), which therefore cancel each other out. 

Radicals are molecules that have lost or gained an electron, meaning that they contain an odd, unpaired, electron and hence have a spin and a magnetic moment. 

When two radicals are created simultaneously by a chemical reaction (this is what we mean by
radical pair), the two unpaired electrons, one in each radical, can have either antiparallel spins
( ➞➞) or parallel spins ( ➞ ), arrangements known as ➞ singlet and triplet states, respectively.


Immediately after a radical pair is created in a singlet state, internal magnetic fields cause the two electronic spins to undergo a complex quantum “waltz” in which singlet turns into triplet and triplet
turns back into singlet millions of times per second for periods of up to a few microseconds. 

Crucially, under the right conditions, this dance can be influenced by external magnetic fields. 
Schulten suggested that this subtle quantum effect could form the basis of a magnetic compass
sense that might respond to environmental stimuli a million times weaker than would normally be thought possible. 

Research that we and others have conducted in recent years has generated fresh support for this hypothesis. 

How Migrating Birds Use Quantum Effects to Navigate –
New research hints at the biophysical underpinnings of their ability to use Earth’s magnetic field
lines to find their way to their breeding and wintering grounds.    Scientific American April 1, 2022 


With COVID-19 in person restrictions forcing millions of Canadian children and adults to sit beside
heir non-ionizing radiation emitting computers and routers, an rely more heavily on cell phone,  the
emotional, mental, and cellular impact is anecdotally suspected but not definitively evidenced.

Calls to Kids Help Phone have surged. November 09, 2020
Now some counsellors are making a distress call of their own.


In North America, there appears that there is an institutional reluctance to admit that Cell phones, WIFI routers, Electric Vehicles, and a growing number of electronic devices are the causes of short term and long-term health outcomes for the current generation.  

If you would like to do something to help protect your family, contact your elected representatives
at all levels of government requesting that “Warning – May Cause Cancer” labels be displayed on all non-ionizing radiating electric products including electric vehicles.

(2.0) PHYSICAL Risks to your life caused by Electric Vehicles.
2.1) Electric vehicles use lithium batteries.  
Manufactures cannot economically protect occupants of electric vehicles from violent collisions
that fracture the casings of lithium batteries.  


When lithium contacts moisture or oxygen, it spontaneously ignites.

When Electric vehicle’s electric circuits are burned and severed, in many cases, electric powered
windows and doors will not open.  


Occupants become trapped inside a burning vehicle. Occupants of electric vehicles become
trapped inside their burning vehicles and have to be extricated. 

For perspective, electric stoves in Canada operate with 220 Volts. 

Electric Vehicles possess up to 800 volts!  

Electric vehicles’ fires are reported to be the result of over-heated circuits that arc. 

When electric circuits fail, electric door locks and electric windows do not function.  People become trapped inside their vehicle.

(2.1) Lithium Batteries Spontaneously Combust: 

      GM Bolt - Recalled Chevy Bolt Bursts Into Flames, Takes Out a                Maserati, Hyundai      
September 8, 2021

         While parked in the parking lot, the owner woke up to his Chevy Bolt on fire. 
The Bolt was not running at the time and was not charging. 
         The vehicles on either side of the Chevrolet Bolt also caught on fire. According to the source,
          one was a Hyundai, and the other was a

         Nearby neighbors claim there was a large boom and then the sounds of a fire. This prompted
         someone to call 911 Thankfully, this vehicle was parked in a parking lot and not in a garage.
                          People with attached garages should note that, in August 2021, General Motors expanded a
         recall to include all Bolt model years because of the risk of battery fires. 

         They also advised hundreds of thousands of owners that they should park their electric cars
          outside after charging, and not charge them indoors overnight.

         Now, the manufacturer has issued a new warning that Bolt owners should park 15 metres
         away from other cars in parking garages, and only park on the top level.

2.2) Emergency Evacuation Orders:
         Extreme weather, flooding and wildfire events are occurring with greater frequency and violence.  
         One of the first infrastructures to become disabled is the electricity power lines transformers
         and towers.  

         When Evacuation Orders are issued, escape routes will be choked by electric vehicles with
         dead batteries.

         Traffic jams will trap people inside their vehicles with nowhere to run.

3.0) Carbon Footprint of Electric Vehicles.
3.1) Mining and refining Lithium, Cadmium, and Copper,

3.2) Air Pollution and Carbon Dioxide Emissions released from Municipal Waste to Energy Incinerators that burn garbage to
(DIRTY) electricity to charge vehicle batteries.

  Air pollution may be a leading global cause of death

   New research has found that air pollution is one of the leading causes of death worldwide,   
   far surpassing smoking, malaria, and other significant factors.

   Air pollution may increase the risk of death significantly more than other factors, such as smoking.


   Researchers have found that air pollution is a leading cause of global death. In fact, they claim that

  it can raise death risk significantly more than other major causes of loss of life, including
   smoking, malaria, and general violence.

   In addition to releasing tonnes of toxic Dioxins, heavy metal ultra-fine particles that when ingested

   induce cancer and other health problems, these air pollutants when inhaled as air pollution 
   they induce
 cardiac arrests, strokes, asthma and other health

To illustrate the impact on communities that operate municipal waste to energy incinerators,

Hollywood’s Academy award-winning British Actor, Jeremy Iron narrated a  documentary on Dioxin emissions from municipal waste incinerators. 

A shortened version of this brief video may be accessed at 


Parents should note that traces of Dioxins have been found in mother’s milk. 

For years, Canadians and Americans have been and are continuing to eat locally grown foods
containing traces of Dioxins.

Dioxins are the active ingredients in the notorious Agent Orange used to defoliate jungle canopies
in the Vietnam War.  Studies show Dioxins cause
birth defects, tumors,
lower cognitive
abilities, and cancers.

Municipal Waste Incinerators like to be called by companies Municipal Waste to Energy Incinerators because they burn residential and industrial wastes as cheap fuel to generate electricity.

Dioxins are created when chlorine atoms bond with carbon and other atoms.

The following MAPs show the locations of just one company's municipal waste to
energy incinerators. For more information about the COVANTA Corporation please go to 

The Dioxins in the Great Lake study observed that Dioxins are carried by winds as far as 1,500 miles from their source incinerators.  The following maps for graphics reasons depict only one half of the distances from source incineraotres i.e. 750 miles. 

Anyone living within the first 30 miles of an incinerator is receiving the highest concentrations i.e. ten percent of the Dioxins, heavy metals and Ultra-fine particles and Carbon Dioxide released from the nearest incinerator. 

Please note that the Study is publishing average wind-trasported plume distances. 
Under unique climate conditions such as stationary Heat Domes, and periodic low cloud cover, high concentrations of incinerators' toxic Dioxins, heavy metal and ultra-fine particles  become trapped and linger close to the ground, and  later fall into communities and farmlands.


Burning garbage is widely considered as the dirtiest fuel for generating electricity.

Tonnes of toxic pollutants released into the atmosphere from incinerators persist and increase in concentration in soils and plants for generations. 

The following map shows the clusters of Covanta incinerators located in New York State, USA.



















The following map shows the location of the Covanta incinerator located in Courtice Ontario, Canada.  It is located 89 km (55 miles) east of Toronto.

The circle shows the 750 mile area where tonnes of Dioxins, heavy metals and ultra-fine particles contaminate the air people breath and farm lands where food grows.


The following map shows the location of the Covanta incinerator located in Niagara Falls (New York USA) that is 130 kilometers (80 miles) from Toronto. 


Two thirds of this Buffalo N.Y. incinerator's garbage containing plume blows towards Toronto in the form of particles and toxic gases every time the winds blow from the west.  

Conceivably,  Covanta’s Niagara Falls N.Y. USA incinerator’s emissions are not only contributing to Toronto’s air pollution particle counts, but its contaminations are already killing innocent men women, children and infants, and hospitalizing thousands of people in Toronto. 

Ms. Monica Campbell Ph.D. Toronto Director Healthy Public Policy. Ms.  Campbell  provided me with the following statistic pertaining to air quality in Toronto of which toxins from nearby incinerators would have contributed to some extent along with emissions from vehicles and other sources.

   "In the previous twelve months, “about 1,300 people dying too soon each year in Toronto
   due  to unhealthy air, along with 3,550 hospitalizations."

Covanta’s lawyers Bereskin & Parr recently provided me with the following information:
“10. Covanta Energy has operated, since 2005, a Niagara, New York facility which has been accepting Ontario waste. This facility annually receives approximately 400,000 tonnes of Canadian waste, and has approximately one dozen Ontario customers at any given time.”


The following Map shows a Covanta municipal waste incinerator located in Burnaby B.C.

It burns Vancouver's garbage.  The plumes from the incinerator's smoke stack convey tonnes of  Dioxins, heavy metals and ultra-fine particles towards the Okanagan Valley where fruit and vegetable farms operate.


  Canadian garbage en route from Philippines to be incinerated    in Vancouver area

   VANCOUVER MAY 24, 2019


  Tonnes of festering garbage sent from Canada to the Philippines more than five years ago will be incinerated in a waste-to-energy facility in Burnaby, B.C., marking the end for cargo that   became a sore point between the two countries.


 The facility was chosen for its proximity to the Port of Vancouver – the planned Canadian entry   point for the repatriated trash – and because it is authorized to receive international waste,   said Jack Froese, chair of Metro Vancouver’s zero waste committee.


 Even though the garbage originated in Canada, he said it is classified as international waste   because it left the country and so has to be handled under the Canadian Food Inspection   Agency’s International Waste Directive.


 About 1,500 tonnes of trash are to be disposed of in the Burnaby facility.


That is equivalent to about two days’ worth of garbage, based on the facility’s regular operations, although the material is likely to be handled over 10 or 12 days. It will not be mixed with other waste, Mr. Froese said on Friday.


The Burnaby facility has operated since 1988 and handles about a quarter of the region’s trash while generating electricity.


Talks took place over the past few days over where the garbage would go, Mr. Froese said.


The federal government had announced, on Wednesday, that it had awarded a contract to Bollore Logistics Canada to bring it back to Canada.


Before that, the Philippines had recalled its ambassador and consulate heads when Ottawa failed to meet a May 15 deadline imposed by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to remove the garbage.


The dispute began when a Canadian company sent 103 mislabelled containers, which were supposed to contain recyclable plastic, to the Manila International Container Terminal more than five years ago.


Filipino authorities discovered mixed waste in the containers, including household garbage and used adult diapers, and Manila has since demanded Canada take the waste back.


The contents of 34 of the containers were eventually disposed of by the Philippines, but 69 remain in Manila. Those are the containers that will be coming back to Canada.


In a statement Friday, Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Canada is taking “all necessary measures for the prompt, safe, and environmentally sound disposal of the waste that was left in the Philippines by a Canadian company.

PLEASE NOTE - There is an alternative to burning municipal wastes:

Studies show that garbage contains about 60 percent Carbon. It is reported that Germany operates about 5,000 AEROBIC DIGESTERS. 


Municipal wastes are dumped imto landfills where pipes have been drilled into the garbage.

Air is pumped into the landfill so that aerobic bacteria convert (digest) the organic wastes to reduce the total volume in the site.


After about five years, the undigested wastes such as discarded glass, copper, lithium, cadmium, asbestos, lead etc. is recovered and recycled.


The digestion process off-gasses Methane. Natural gas is Methane. The methane is trapped and burned to generate electricity.

The major advantages of the bio-digestion process to manage municipal wastes is that the Dioxins are not generated during the combustion cycles and carried by winds  up to 1,500 miles from their source incinerators along with neurotoxic heavy metals and ultra-fine particles..


Another advantage to bacterial decomposition for managing municipal wastes is that after the digestion process, tonnes of discarded glass, copper, lithium, cadmium, asbestos, lead etc. that are not burned, are recovered and recycled.

What are Dioxins?     

The most deadly dioxin is 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro dibenzo-p-dioxin or TCDD.


TCDD is more commonly recognized as the toxic contaminant found in Agent Orange and at Love Canal, NY, and Times Beach, Missouri and Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

There are 75 chlorinated dioxins, 135 chlorinated furans, and 209 polychlorinated bipheyls or PCBs.

Of the 419 chemicals from all three families, 30 have dioxin-like toxicity. We're usually exposed to a mixture of toxic and non-toxic members of the larger family at the same time. 

When we say "dioxin" we are referring to the 30 dioxin-like chemicals of this family.



Q: Why is dioxin produced?

A: Dioxin is not manufactured intentionally. They form as an unintended contaminant or by- product during combustion or during the manufacture of certain chlorinated chemicals.

Q: How do they get into the environment?

A: Dioxins and furans can be produced when almost anything is burned under the right conditions.

Two major sources are municipal waste and hospital incinerators, though emissions from these sources have been reduced in recent years because so many of these incinerators have shut down in recent years in many cases due to opposition from local grassroots community based organizations.

Bleaching wood pulp with chlorine to make paper white has been another major source. Dioxin is found in the waste water released from these plants, although the amounts have declined because many plants have converted to processes that use less chlorine.

PCBs were used as insulators in electrical equipment, but their production was banned in 1977. Today, they remain in use mostly in electrical transformers and capacitors, especially in large office or apartment buildings.

PCBs are commonly found in river sediment nears plants where PCBs were generated or used.

Q: Does dioxin break down in the environment?

A: Dioxin is a highly persistent chemical that only slowly degrades in the environment. Dioxin present in surface soil may take from 9 to 15 years to degrade to half its concentration. In subsurface soil, dioxin will remain largely unchanged with time. Dioxin in water settles in sediment and can re-enter the water when the sediment are disturbed.

Q: How do dioxin emissions from incinerators reach people?

A: Dioxin goes into the air and people breathe in the particles. But a bigger problem is that the particles settle on grazing land where cows eat the grass and the dioxin gets concentrated in the fat in their meat and milk.

It also gets concentrated in cattle and hogs that are fed dioxin- tainted grain.

Dioxin particles can also fall directly into rivers, streams, and other bodies of water or reach these waterways in surface water runoff. Dioxin settles on the bottom where fish and shellfish ingest small particles of sediment.

Dioxin then builds up in their fat or organs.

In Maine, pregnant women are advised not to eat the green "guts" in lobsters because it's high in dioxin.

 People call it the "tomalley," but it's actually a combined liver and pancreas - a hepatopancreas.

Q: Do dioxins concentrate as they move up the food chain?

A: Yes.
More than 90 percent of our exposure comes from food, mostly fish, meat, poultry, and non-skim dairy products.

Fattier fish have more dioxin than leaner fish.

Shellfish like lobsters are low in fat, but the dioxin may be in their hepatopancreas or organs, not the meat.

Q: Does dioxin accumulate in our bodies?

A: Yes. Dioxin slowly accumulates in the body.

The average levels of dioxin in the U.S. population is about 25 parts per trillion (ppt) according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Approximately 10% of the population may have tissue levels has much as 3 times higher than this level.

Q: What does it mean to have dioxin in our bodies?

A: The USEPA has found that the body burden level of dioxin in animal studies can be relate to adverse health effects observed in both animals and people.

They have also found that the average level of dioxin found in the general US population is very close to these levels.

EPA interprets this to mean that there is little or no "margin of exposure" left for most people. We see this as meaning that we are nearly "full" and that any additional exposure of dioxin can result in adverse health effects.

Some people already have body burden levels that are above the average and they are likely already suffering adverse health effects.

Q: Are some people more at risk from exposure to dioxin?

A: Yes. Nursing infants, some workers, people who eat fish as a main staple of their diet, such as indigenous people and fishermen, and people who live near dioxin release sources are at greater risk of developing adverse health effects from dioxin because they are exposed to higher concentrations.

Q: Can you get rid of dioxin?

A: Yes, but not easily. There's a general process within the body of accumulation and removal of toxic substances.

Dioxin is accumulated in fat which is hard to get rid of. If you lose weight, you lose some dioxin with the fat.

If you're breastfeeding, you get rid of it through the breast milk. Infants get their greatest dose of dioxin during breastfeeding because it's concentrated in breast milk and because the infant is so small that the dose per pound of body weight is quite high. The benefits of breastfeeding still outweigh the risks of dioxin, though we'd rather not have to make such a choice.

Q: How long does it take to get rid of dioxin?

A: Dioxin's "half-life" in the human body is about seven years.

In other words, it takes about seven years for half of the dioxin in your body to be removed and then another seven years for the half of that amount and so on.

This means your body will never be free of dioxin contamination.

Q: What harm does dioxin cause?

A: Exposure to dioxin can lead to a wide arrays of adverse health effects including cancer, birth defects, diabetes, learning and developmental delays, endometriosis, and immune system abnormalities.

Q: How can dioxin affect so many parts of the body?

A: Dioxin binds very strongly to intracellular receptors in the nuclei of animal and human cells throughout the body.

So dioxin can easily get into the nucleus, where the cell's DNA is located, and wreak havoc.

If it damages the DNA, that could cause cancer or birth defects.

It could also alter the DNA's instructions to make normal enzymes, hormones, and other proteins, which could lead to any of a number of diseases.

Q: Can dioxin cause cancer?

A: Yes. Dioxin is a known carcinogen.

TCDD is the most potent animal carcinogen ever tested.

It causes tumors in both genders of every species and every strain of animal that's been tested. And the animals get different types of tumors, so it doesn't just initiate tumors, it also promotes the growth of tumors caused by other chemical initiators.

Q: Does dioxin also cause cancer in people?

A: Yes. Everyone, except perhaps some industry groups, accepts that dioxin is a human carcinogen.

IARC, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), reclassified it as a human carcinogen in 1997. In January 2001, the Department of Human Health and Services' National Toxicology Program classified dioxin as a known human carcinogen. The September 2000 draft of the USEPA's Health Assessment document on dioxin also classifies dioxin as a known human carcinogen.

Q: How powerful a carcinogen is dioxin?

A: It is the most
potent substance ever tested by the USEPA or by any private or government research center. Dioxin causes cancer in multiple species in multiple organs in both sexes.

Cancer in animals has resulted from exposures as low as 200 ppt. [Parts Per Trillion]

Q: What's the chance that you will get cancer as a result of exposure 
to dioxin?

A: The USEPA released a draft report last fall that projected an excess cancer risk of one in 100 for the most sensitive people who consume a diet high in animal fats.

In other words, the risk of getting cancer from dioxin - over and above the risk of cancer from other sources - is one in 100 for some people. This is a worst-case scenario. It's for the most sensitive people among the five percent of the population who consume the most dioxin. Scientists refer to this as the "upper bound estimate." This is a shocking estimate.

EPA's upper bound risk for the most sensitive people to average exposure is one in 1,000 which is also a serious risk level. A general "acceptable" risk level is one-in-one-million.

Some people may be exposed to little if any dioxin.

Q: Are the EPA's risk estimates reliable?

A: They're the most reliable ones we have. Several scientific peer review groups, including the agency's Scientific Advisory Board, which includes consultants outside of the agency have approved the agency's report including the methods EPA used to make their risk estimates.

Q: What kind of cancer does dioxin cause in people?

A: Most of the studies of exposed populations indicate that dioxin causes an increased risk of all cancers.

Some studies suggest that it promotes lung cancer and soft-tissue sarcomas, which are cancers of the fat and muscle.

Most studies don't focus on any one type of cancer because there are so few individual cancers in small studies of exposed populations.

Q: What other health problems does dioxin cause?

A: Dioxin exposure is linked to skin rashes, liver disorders, reproductive problems, birth defects, learning and developmental delays, endometriosis, immune system abnormalities, and diabetes.

Q: Do dioxins impair learning behavior?

A: PCBs appear to lower IQ or cause developmental delays in the children of women who ate large quantities of PCB-tainted fish during pregnancy.

The studies that monitor these children are still on-going, so we don't know for how long the adverse effects last. Up until age seven, researchers are still finding measurable developmental delays. Over time, those delays may become imperceptible, but we don't know about IQ.

Q: How does dioxin affect reproduction?

A: Dioxins seem to impair the development of the human reproductive system.

There have been case reports of hypospadias- -a birth defect in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis--in populations exposed to dioxin.

Dioxin has been shown to cause either endometriosis or a proliferation of endometrial tissue in monkeys, mice, and rats.

In humans, the evidence is less clear, but one small study found higher levels of PCBs in infertile women with endometriosis than in infertile women without the disease.

Researchers have also found a decrease in the number of male babies born in Seveso, Itally, since 1976 when there was an explosion at a chemical plant making chlorinated pesticides.

The accidental explosion sent a plume of dioxin-laced smoke into the sky and the surrounding community of Seveso.

Dust and particles of the dioxin-contaminated pesticide fell on people who lived downwind from the explosion. The dioxin killed pets and contaminated the soil.

A study of former Seveso residents compared the ratio of males to females born in Zone A, which was closest to the explosion, and Zone B, which was further away, to ratios elsewhere. Usually, 51 percent of newborns are male and 49 percent are female. But among children of men who lived in Seveso, only 44 percent were male in the years since 1976. And among children of men who were younger than 19 when the explosion occurred, only 38 percent were male. Zone A is still evacuated, 26 years after the explosion.

Q: Does dioxin also cause birth defects?

A: Yes. During the Vietnam War, The U.S. Military used an herbicide called Agent Orange to defoliate the jungles of Southeast Asia. The herbicide is 50 percent 2,4,5-T.

Small amounts of dioxin are produced when 2,4,5-T is made, so it's an unavoidable contaminant. Studies on Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange suggest that their children have an increased risk of spina bifida.

That's a birth defect that occurs when the neural tube - which develops into the spinal cord - fails to close during the first six weeks of gestation.

Children born with spina bifida often lack bowel and bladder control, and many are paralyzed from the waist down or suffer from mental retardation.

The evidence that dioxin causes the defect is strong enough that Vietnam veterans are compensated by the U.S. government if their children are born with spina bifida.

In animal studies, dioxin is a powerful teratogen, a substance that causes birth defects.

Its teratogenic effects in animals are as dramatic as its carcinogenic effects. It causes different defects in different organs in different species and strains of animals.

For example, it causes cleft palate in mice, malformed kidneys in rats, and extra ribs in rabbits.

Q: Does dioxin affect the reproductive system in men as well?

A: Yes. In animal studies, we see decreased testicular size and decreased sperm production. That's in adult rats who were exposed to dioxins before they were born.

Dioxin also lowers testosterone levels in men. We don't know how dioxin damages the male reproductive system. One theory is that it's toxic to the male fetus. Another is that it damages the Y chromosome, so sperm with Y chromosomes don't fertilize eggs.

It's the Y chromosome that makes a fertilized egg develop into a male.

Does dioxin impair the immune system?

A: Yes. Linda Birnbaum, EPA leading dioxin expert, calls dioxin an "immune modulator," because it makes the immune systems of animals both under-reactive and overreactive to stimuli.

An over-reactive immune system may raise the risk of auto immune diseases like lupus. An under-reactive immune system is less able to respond to an antigenic challenge - that is, it makes vaccines less effective and leaves the animal less able to fight off infections and possibly diseases like cancer.

The evidence in humans is limited. But after the residents of Quail Run, Missouri, were exposed to dioxin-contaminated oil and debris from Agent Orange manufacturing plants, they had a large number of welts on a skin-prick test, which is designed to detect allergies. That meant that they were allergic to many things--it's a sign of an over-reactive immune system - though the welts diminished over time.

Q: Does dioxin cause diabetes?

A: The risk of diabetes seems to be elevated in the Ranch Hands group of Air Force troops who had the job of spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam. Researchers compared these Ranch Hand soldiers to other Ranch Hands who weren't exposed to Agent Orange who had dioxin levels that were similar to most Americans.

They found that those with higher dioxin levels - within the normal range - had a higher risk of diabetes than those with lower dioxin levels.

Q: Which of dioxin's adverse effects are conclusive?

A: Most scientific groups that have evaluated the cancer evidence for dioxin agree that dioxin is a human carcinogen.


The studies on veterans are strong enough that they get compensated if their children are born with diabetes or spina bifida.

We have animal evidence for developmental delays and reproductive hormonal effects. The human evidence is not as strong for endometriosis and immunotoxic effects.



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