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The purpose of this FORUM is to allow Members who have taken the initiative to create a copy of the inventor’ invention for their personal vehicles to exchange ideas with others who have done the same.

Sharing ideas is necessary because the inventor did not have the money to test components in wind tunnels to develop a one standard set of components that would work on every make and model of personal vehicle to would save fuel when driven during different kinds of weather and road conditions.

So, rather than waste precious time in designing a one "standard" version of the invention that would work for  all makes and models of personal vehicles”, the inventor decided to provide photos of all his experiments on this website.  


The inventor did this in the hopes that creative people would try different combinations of components on their vehicles that reduced the Drag forces  to such an extent that they would purchase less fuel and release fewer volumes of Carbon Dioxide.

When a Member discovers a successful combination of components, the inventor hopes that the Member will POST photographs and details of the version of his invention for others to learn from the Member’s successes and failures.

The inventor would like to encourage like-minded Members share ideas with each other.  Perhaps these Members may consider forming a company manufacture under lisence, commercial versions of the inventor’s Patented invention.


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